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IDEAL at NCR and Intacta Technologies, Inc. Demonstrate New Accessibility Technology:
Companies to Explore Uses for Persons with Disabilities

Atlanta, GA, September 21, 2000, (OTCBB: ITAC)

Intacta Technologies, Inc. and IDEAL at NCR announced today the demonstration of a new application of Intacta.Code(tm) technology. The demonstration was given at a press conference held by President Clinton as part of his Digital Divide initiative visit to The Disability Network, a Flint Michigan-based non-profit organization that supports persons with disabilities. The demonstration showed that the technology can provide persons with print disabilities electronic access to any printed document. During the demonstration, a purposely damaged and crumpled paper, printed with Intacta.Code, was scanned into a computer creating a screen-readable version of a 218 page book entitled, "Equality of Opportunity: The Making of the Americans with Disabilities Act."

"We are investigating how this technology can serve the print disabled community," said Steve Jacobs, President of IDEAL at NCR. "Being able to achieve a 200:1 ASCII to Intacta.Code page scanning ratio is incredible."

Benefits for Everyone

Intacta.Code’s compatibility with legacy systems facilitates a solution that unlike expensive OCR systems, is highly affordable, simple to use and effective.

This technology provides an economical way for publishers of newspapers, magazines, books, or direct mail to now reach any visually impaired reader.

"While the primary use of our technology is in the publishing, supply chain and pervasive computing environments, we are hopeful that it will prove useful by improving the accessibility to printed materials by persons with print disabilities," said Noel Bambrough, Chief Operating Officer of Intacta Technologies.

About Intacta Technologies Inc.

INTACTA (OTCBB:ITAC) is a U.S. based software company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with its research and development facilities in Beer Sheva, Israel. The Company develops and markets software components designed to bridge enterprise communications and information management systems across digital and non-digital media. Intacta.Code™, the company's flagship product, is an award winning technology patented in the United States, Israel and Europe. Platform independent, and language transparent, Intacta.Code is designed to integrate with existing enterprise communications and information management systems which require enhancements to security, transmission, and device handling capability on handheld platforms, including Windows CE, WAP and Palm OS. Intacta licenses its Intacta.Code to developers and system integrators, either as a stand-alone module or as an SDK for seamless and transparent integration within any application. More information about Intacta.Code may be found at www.intacta.com.

About IDEAL at NCR

IDEAL (Individuals with Disabilities: Enabling Advocacy Link) at NCR is an NCR business resource group dedicated to meeting the needs of NCR employees and customers with disabilities and the development of information technologies that are accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities. More information about IDEAL at NCR may be found at www.ideal-group.org/ncr.

About The Disability Network (DisNet)

The Disability Network is part of a state and national network of federally designated non-residential centers for Independent Living. DisNet is an organization run by people with disabilities for people with disabilities.

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